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The University of A Coruña founded in 1989, is a modern, innovative and dynamic university. It actively encourages integral training and education through specific programs covering the areas of Culture, Cooperation, Equality, Languages and Technology.

UDC has campuses in A Coruña and in Ferrol, two beautiful coastal cities in the most dynamic cultural and economic area of Galicia.

The University of A Coruna is highly committed with internationalization. Different international programs foster the international mobility of its community as an academic and cultural experience and increase the presence of foreign students in its campus.

Every year, more than 500 international researchers and students come to the UDC thanks to a similar number of bilateral exchange agreements, special programs and joint titles.

Furthermore, UDC is currently devoted to implement a permanent and comprehensive program of courses and subjects in English that increases UDC appeal for Professors and students from abroad and provides UDC students the opportunity to strengthen their language skills in an international academic atmosphere.

In the summer, the UDC launches the International Summer School, with a wide offer of three-week intensive courses taught by international faculty.


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Why study in Universidade da Coruña?

  • More than 100 bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in most of fields of knowledge for you to choose.
  • For those who want to study at UDC but prefer to study in English because they do not feel confident to study in Spanish, we offer courses in English covering different fields of study.
  • The University of A Coruña has stablished agreements with foreign institutions in order to organize specific Study Abroad programs aimed at international students
  • Language Centre: The Centre gives the students visiting us under one of our mobility programmes the opportunity to learn Spanish as a Foreign Language, and also to those who stay with us for shorter periods of time.
  • Universidade da Coruña's International Summer School (ISS) offers a broad selection of intensive courses taught in English by international faculty on a wide array of topics ranging from law and business to science and technology. Dozens of teachers and hundreds of students from 70 different countries have participated and enjoyed this experience in A Coruña.


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