Bookseller Javier García: "In Texas, Spanish is an aspirational language"

Two friends turn their establishment in Dallas into one of the most important cultural hubs in the southern United States with Latin American arts as their driving force.


For many years, Javier García del Moral (44) was a Ferrovial engineer born in Logroño and stationed in Dallas, the second largest city in Texas, who liked books, Latin American culture, listening to his favorite authors and drinking beers while discussing the new books by Yuri Herrera, Horacio Castellanos Moya and Carlos Manuel Álvarez.


Little by little, that small bookstore grew to become one of the most important cultural centers in the southern United States. Lost among cowboy hats, oil wells and Tex-Mex culture, The Wild Detectives Bookstore has become the gateway for a generation of great Latin American writers while Texas consolidates itself as the reference place for Hispanic culture.


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