General Conditions

The primary goal of the program is to introduce U.S. institutions of higher education to Spanish universities, business schools, language schools, and other international education providers, offering a wide range of opportunities to American students. The aim of the program is to promote Spain as a destinations for educational services.

The program and itinerary will include meetings with representatives of public and private educational institutions and organizations, as well as scheduled visits to universities and education centers in various provinces. These workshops have the added value of an on-site experience for decision makers considering Spain as a destination for their study abroad programs. The trip includes visits to institutions and facilities in Spain.

Workshop are extended to university-level international education administrators, chairs of academic departments and faculty leading short-term programs, interested in exploring the diverse opportunities currently available in Spain. Preferred profile includes Education Abroad and Global Studies Directors, Program Administrators, Faculty and Program Directors and other specialized advisers and professionals working in Direct-enrolling, Exchange, faculty-lead, Internship or any other program that includes international mobility.

The limited participation will be selected by the organizer based on the applications considering the objectives of the program. The organizer may ask for additional information. Only first applicants individuals will be accepted. Engineering and Technical Careers are encouraged to participate in this edition but it is also open to any other fields such Language, History, Culture, STEM studies, Business, Finance, Law, Health, History, Humanities, Communications, Design.

The association EDUESPAÑA and the Embassy of Spain-Trade Commission Miami.

The activity is sponsored and fully funded by ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones and the association EDUESPAÑA for a limited number of participants. Invitation for participants in the program covers a round-trip airline ticket to Madrid (Spain), hotel accommodations, city transfers, and meals included in final program, for the one-week duration of the activity.

Dates, itinerary and final program will be decided by organizers based on the objectives of the program with the aim to suit the interest of all participants. The number and final selection of participants will determined by organizers. Conditions may change without prior notice.


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