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2018-2019 SiS Student Ambassador of the Year

Miami, June 12, 2019 - Gvidon Stamboltsyan, a graduate student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, has been selected as winner of the Student Ambassador Study in Spain program 2018-2019.

Gvidon's major is Hispanic Studies, specialized in Linguistics, Translation and Spanish Culture. His relationship with Spain started in 2013, when he did an immersion program in a language school in Valencia, Spain. 

During the program, Gvidon has organized orientation sessions and roundtables for American students at his campus. He also promoted the "Study in Spain" program through social networks and websites, and many other iniciatives. 

The unique activities carried out and the commitment demonstrated by Gvidon have made him the Student Ambassador of this edition. 

Gvidon Stamboltsyan,  will enjoy a seven-day trip to Spain sponsored by ICEX Spain Export and Investment. 

The Study in Spain initiative, promoted by the Embassy of Spain-Trade Commission and ICEX Spain Exports and Investments, began in 2008 with the aim of promoting Spain as an educational destination for American students,  encouraging relations between educational institutions in Spain and the  U.S. 



2018 SiS Student Ambassador of the Year

Congratulations to Joseph Griffin, the new SiS Student Ambassador of the year.  Joseph studies at the University of Illinois and has participated in the 2017-2018 Program.  Throughout the year, Joseph has represented Study in Spain by sharing his experience and helping other students who were interested in studying in Spain.  He organized several events on campus, such as orientation sessions, as well as posting videos about Spain and its culture on social media.

Joseph shared all the content of his Student Ambassador activities on Facebook, creating a big community of people and promoting interest in Study in Spain.




2017-2018 SiS Student Ambassador Program



Rhea Singh

University: Virginia Commonwealth University (VA)
Studies: Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry

"I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain for the 2017 Spring semester. I was in Spain for a little over 4 months and was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to travel through much of the country."


Sofia Skavdahl

University: University of San Francisco (CA)
Studies: International Studies

"I studied abroad in Spain throughout the summer of 2017. I had the opportunity to travel to many areas in Spain outside of Madrid and each one was incredibly unique and enjoyable."


Melinda Sevilla

University: University of San Diego (CA)
Studies: Spanish and Communication Studies

"I studied abroad in Fall 2016 at the USD Madrid Center. I had an internship and made lots of Spanish friends, and loved Spain and its culture so much I decided to stay for a second semester."


Marla Smith

University: University of Florida (FL)
Studies: Major ()

"This past summer I studied abroad in Spain for two months and I fell in love with the country. I lived in Madrid and I would love to live there again in my future. The culture of Spain intrigued me and I absolutely love the language!"



Nicole Wood

University: University of Cincinnati (OH)
Studies: Spanish Language and Composition , International Affairs

"Starting in high school, I began living in Bilbao, Spain every summer with my best friend and her family. Since then, I have visited Spain 5 times and lived there for a total of 1.5 years. Last year I lived in Madrid and went to Carlos III de Madrid. Spain is my favorite place to live because I love the tapas, lifestyle, public transportation, and landscape"


Darcie Khanukayev

University: University of California, San Diego (CA)
Studies: Translating and Interpreting

"My first time to Spain was to study Spanish in Salamanca and I explored the Northern part of Spain. The second time, I taught English as a foreign language for a year in Sevilla. And this last time, I walked El Camino de Santiago from Sevilla all the way to Santiago de Compostela. Amazing experiences, all of them."


Amy Jo Weaver

University: Middlebury College (VT)
Studies: Political Science

"I studied abroad in Madrid for the semester last fall and fell in love with the country. I lived in a Residencia with girls from all around Spain and developed great relationships with them as well as with students in my classes."


Emily Trahan

University: Lamar University (TX)
Studies: Spanish Language and Composition , International Affairs

"I am related to Spain because of an educational experience, but it's much more than that. I constantly walked the streets of Salamanca, I was apart of the community, I ate with native Spaniards at cafés, I spoke with native spaniards at El Rastro en Madrid. "


Michella Mousaed

University: Mount Saint Mary's University (CA)
Studies: Business Administration

"Spain is my home away from home. I want everyone to study abroad in Spain. I actually convinced three students from my university to study in Spain this upcoming semester! I wish I could go back but for now I will live through the memories."



Joe Griffin

University: University of Illinois (IL)
Studies: Integrative Biology and Spanish

"I had the time of my life studying abroad in Barcelona in spring 2017.  I loved so many things about Barcelona, including the weather, the food, the relaxed pace of life, the architecture, the beaches, the mountains, and so much more!"



Thomas Cochran

University: Michigan State University (MI)
Studies: Business 

"I went to spain in spring break of my senior year with my high school. I have taken Spanish for four years in high school and am currently enrolled in it as a freshman in college."


Natalie Meyer

University: Randolph-Macon College (CA)
Studies: Spanish, Classical Studies and Religious Studies

"I was blessed to spend the spring semester of my sophomore year in Málaga, Spain studying at the university there. I enjoyed very much the friends I made and the experiences I received through day trips and every day interactions. My crowning moment was in the last week of my stay where I was asked if I was a native speaker due to my fluency and accent. "


Aaron Klein

University: University of Delaware (DE)
Studies: International Business and Marketing, Minor in Spanish

"I studied in Barcelona during the spring semester of my Junior year. I love Spain for many reasons: The food, the cultural variety between the different regions, the language, the love for futbol, and simply because it's home to some absolutely beautiful cities such as Barcelona, San Sebastian, Sevilla, etc..."


Ana Little-Saña

University: The George Washington University (WA)
Studies: Political Science

"MI have been many times in Spain, and have been able to participate in a diverse variety of Spanish experiences. From walking El Camino de Santiago to visiting the ancient synagogues of Toldeo, I can attest to some of the incredible historical and cultural experiences that can only happen in Spain."


Troy Lingelbach

University: Marymount Manhattan College (NY)
Studies: Theatre Arts, Minors in Musical Theatre and Philosophy

"I had a Spanish teacher in high school who was from Spain and she was INSANE and instilled in me a love for her country. The summer going into my senior year of college I finally went and fell in love myself. I took two courses--one in English, one in Spanish--and wish I could have stayed longer."


Tyler Blevins

University: Eastern Kentucky University (CA)
Studies: Spanish

"I have always had aspirations to see the Sagrada Familia and taste some of the rich Spanish culture that seems so close, yet so far away. "


Denisse L. Flores

University: Texas A&M University (TX)
Studies: Genetics

"I traveled to Madrid, Spain and I fell in love with the scenery and atmosphere. The lifestyle is different, their Spanish is different. As a native Spanish speaker, I could communicate with everyone. I felt like I fit in other than in my hometown. It was a life changing experience and I would love to go back and get to relive it over again."


Cassidy Stiebing

University: Louisiana State University (LA)
Studies: BInternational Studies and Political Science, Spanish Minor

"I chose to spend my entire junior year of college in Madrid studying at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. The thing I love most about Spain is the laid-back culture and generosity the people have there, that brings an environment of happiness and optimism. The landscape is beautiful and varies within every region, the food is eating culture are never dull, and there is always a celebration occurring somewhere in Spain."


Carmen Rivera-Frain

University: Elon University (NC)
Studies: Marketing major, French minor

"I lived in Sevilla, Moscow, Maine and currently my parents have a house in Arlington, VA. I believe Spain is an amazing country and I know that as an ambassadors I will try to get students around the United States more interested in the Spanish culture and language."


Jaelen Hysaw

University: Howard University (WA)
Studies: Biology

"I've been to Madrid once before when I was 16 years old and I loved it! The city is so beautiful and the culture is amazing.  My favorite part was the art museum we went to.  Spain is such a beautiful country there is so much to explore I'm sure one would never get tired!"


Katherine Frees

University: University of San Francisco (CA)
Studies: Spanish

"I would say I'm in a committed relationship with Spain, just kidding. I loved my two months in Spain. To put it simply, I could say it changed my life. From the food, people, culture, and just the rich language- I definitely found my future home."


Melisha Garrison

University: East Carolina University (NC)
Studies: Chemistry and Spanish BA

"My relationship with Spain is one of a kind. I feel like Spain is my second home. I studied in Spain for a little over a month during the summer of 2015."


Larissa Simon

University: University of Minnesota (MN)
Studies: Geography

"It is my favorite country in The World. I have studied abroad 4 times but have never felt such an immediate and intense connection to a culture or people. I now have an incredible Spanish family. I want to live in Spain again."


Jade Oakes

University: University of North Carolina Wilmington (NC)
Studies: Spanish and International Studies major, French minor

"I studied abroad in Granada, Spain during the fall semester of 2015. I enjoyed my time there very much and would recommend studying there to anyone learning Spanish or looking to experience a spectacular culture."


Jahnee Hughes

University: Howard University (WA)
Studies: International Business

"After studying in Barcelona, Spain, Spring 2017, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there. I was able to strengthen my Spanish and connect with people, from different cultures, through the language and beauty that Spain had to offer."


Natalie Németh

University: UUniversity of San Francisco (CA)

"Living in Spain and studying its language, becoming close to fluent meant a great deal to me. I fell in love with the country and learned more than I think I can express. I would love to visit the country again and hope that I can share my experiences and answer any questions more any students looking to study in beautiful Spain."


Vanessa Galici

University: Macomb Community College (MI)
Studies: General Studies/Pre-optometry and Spanish minor

"I have never visited Spain before, but have been involved with learning the Spanish language for over 5 years.I would also love the opportunity to travel abroad and provide eye care to Spanish speaking countries."


Jamie Hernández

University: Hillsborough Community College (FL)
Studies: Biology

"My dream is to become an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, then set up my practice in Barcelona or Las Islas Canarias. On that note, I’d love to study in Spain myself if the opportunity arises, and give others a reason to do the same if the chance presents itself."


Constantino Nqueme Mansongo

University: Prairie View A&M University (TX)
Studies: Chemical Engineering

"I have been several times in Spain, Madrid and Zaragoza particularly. I am proud of my Spanish heritage and a proud Spanish speaker. Spain is a great country with very interesting  history and plenty of rich traditions."


Alexis Manuel

University: College of Charleston (SC)
Studies: Middle Grades Education and Foreign Language major and Spanish minor

"I absolutely loved Spain! I loved the culture, different dialects spoken in the different areas of Spain, food, my host family, everything about it. I had the time of my life in Europe more specifically Spain, but I also had the most growth there too."


Ana Mulio Álvarez

University: George Washington University (MD)
Studies: International Studies

"I attended Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid where I had the amazing opportunity to learn and grow as a student and a professional thanks to the excellence of its education as well as experience the fun and lively Spanish college life. It is my hope that every student gets the chance to visit and study in Spain as I know it is truly life changing."


Lauren Goldenberg

University: University of Delaware (DW)
Studies: American Politics, History minor

"I have been lucky enough to study abroad in Spain three separate times, once up north in Galicia, once in Granada, and once for an entire semester in Barcelona. I chose to go to Spain all three times because the culture there is something that is incomparable. The people are friendly, the food is delicious, and the Spanish have a rich history of tradition and culture I am honored I have gotten to experience."


Lindsey Robin

University: University of North Florida (FL)
Studies: Spanish

"I studied abroad for a semester in Santander, Spain where I attended the Universidad de Cantabria. I took two classes on Northern Spain Culture as well as an advanced Spanish grammar class."


Mollie Gulden

University: University of Arizona (AZ)
Studies: Public Health major, Spanish minor

"I visited Spain for the first time this past May for 2 months and completed my minor. I traveled all around the country and I loved every minute of it. I loved my experience in Spain because of the culture, food, and being able to be immersed in the language. It was an adventure of a lifetime."


Matthew Chavira

University: The Catholic University of America (WA)
Studies: Hispanic Studies

"I love Spain because it is a country full of amazing people, scenery, culture, food, and of course the Spanish language! Spain also has beautiful architecture, music, and a lot of history! It is definitely one of the best countries in the world to study in. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help you out! No one will regret studying abroad in Spain. "


Oluwapelumi Akiwowo

University: Chaffey College (CA)
Studies: Accounting and Communications

"I have never been to Spain before but I have heard a lot about Spain such as the Dali-Theatre Museum, the amazing university of Barcelona and also the culture of Seville. I would love to go to Spain to experience the culture, meet with new people and create a lasting experience. "


Aleksandra Pozor

University: College of William and Mary (VA)
Studies: Government and Hispanic Studies

"I studied in Spain two times- once in Málaga in high school (summer 2013) and the second time with a W&M program in Cádiz (summer 2016). Finally, this past summer I had the honor of interning at the Embassy of Spain in Washington, D.C., which seemed like a domestic study abroad."


Rebekah Rodriguez

University: Texas A&M International University (TX)
Studies: Communications

" I studied abroad in Vic, Spain during the fall 2015 semester. During there, I became friends with both locals and students from all over the world. I was immersed into the Catalan culture of the area I was living in, while also learning about the different cultures, languages, and customs found across Spain. "


Karina Medina

University: Texas A&M International University (TX)
Studies: History

"I have had the chance to study abroad in Spain for 4 weeks. We visited Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla, Toledo, Segovia, Consuegra, Barcelona, and Madrid. I fell in love with Spain the first day I arrived! I love the history that surrounds each town and how you are always walking by ruins or a castle or a building that is older than my own country. No matter where you look or walk its always something new."


Rebekah Dickerson

University: Mississippi College (MS)
Studies: Nursing major, Spanish minor

"I had the amazing opportunity to study in Salamanca, Spain during the summer of 2017 and absolutely fell in love with Spain. I was fortunate enough to visit many cities while I was there and cannot wait to go back. I love Spain for the rich culture and especially because the people live family-focused lives "


Danielle Cloward

University: East Stroudsburg University (PA)
Studies: Spanish Teaching Certification and Master's of Education

"I lived and studied in Spain for 6 months in 1997. I studied independently with Dr. George Ryskamp via Brigham Young University's Study Abroad program."


Jocelyene Hernández

University: Texas A&M International University (TX)
Studies: Teaching Diverse Student Populations

"I had the privilege to study in Spain for the summer of 2016 and take a course by the name of Teaching Diverse Student Populations."


Jacob Copper

University: University of North Carolina (NC)
Studies: International Business

"I first visited Spain with my family after graduating high school; I fell in love with the country and the culture. I recently completed a semester studying abroad in Málaga, Spain where I was able to form several long-term friendships and even more incredible memories."


Molly Stout

University: University Of Memphis (TN)
Studies: International Studies; Political Science; Anthropology; Minor in Spanish

"I have studied abroad for one full year during the 2016-2017 academic year. I love Spain because of the gorgeous beaches, cheap and delicious food, and the magnificent history the country posseses."


Justin Verhaaren

University: University of Delaware (DW)
Studies: Entrepreneurship and technology innovation

"I have family in Spain that I visited once when I was 10.(I am not Spanish) I did not have the ability to appreciate what I had during that visit. That made me more than intrigued to go back and do a semester abroad in Barcelona during the spring of the 2016-2017 school year."


Karli Zilberfarb

University: Virginia Commonwealth University (VA)
Studies: Health Exercise Science majr, Spanish minor

"I studied abroad in Spain this past summer(2017). It was absolutely life changing.  The people I met, the connections, the teachers, the history, the food; I could go on and on. I encourage everyone to step outside their comfort zone and study abroad. ."


Rachel Williams

University: Wesleyan University (CT)
Studies: College of Letters (Humanities) and Gender Studies

"In the spring of 2017 I studied abroad at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and I stayed in Spain over the summer in Barcelona as an intern for the organization Women's March Barcelona. I adored my time living abroad in Spain, and I hope to encourage more people to cruzar el charco and study there"


Joel Stein

University: South Carolina State University (SC)
Studies: Major-Broadcast Communication Minor- Spanish

"I have traveled to Spain often starting at the young age of 5 when I attended preschool there. After the year of preschool I went back to the United States to finish school, but have traveled to Spain nearly every summer to visit my family members that live in Madrid, Spain."


Jacob Drwila

University: Amherst College (MA)
Studies: Economics

"I studied in Granada, Spain during the spring semester in 2017 as a part of the IES program. While there I also visited many other major cities in Spain and explored much of southern Spain as well. I had a great time studying and fell in love with the culture and city that welcomed me so much."


Elizabeth Nieto

University: Loyola University Chicago (IL)
Studies: Major: Criminal Justice & Criminology | Minors: Spanish Language & Literature; Latin American Studies

"I lived in Spain for five months while I studied abroad in Saint Louis University's Madrid campus for my Spring 2017 semester. I enjoyed getting to explore Spain as a whole because there is so much to learn about the history and diversity in their culture."


Kayla Moore

University: Kennesaw State University (GA)
Studies: Spanish

"I first went to Spain when I was 17 years old and I thought of nothing else until I returned to study abroad in college when I was 20. I love exploring the differences of every city and searching through every nook throughout the neighborhoods. I am planning to live there after working for a few years when I graduate college and the whole country holds my heart."


Maggie Doan

University: Santa Clara University (CA)
Studies: Communications

"Last fall, I did a semester abroad in San Sebastián, Spain and it was the best four months of my life. While I was there, I got to practice my Spanish, learn some Basque, and explore the beauty of Spain. I love Spain because of the food, the sites, and most importantly, the people! I made friends with people from all over the world. I can't wait to return to San Sebastián!"



Ramón Riesgo

University: Saint Louis University (MO
Studies: History, Political Science, International Studies Major

"I am a Spanish/American citizen from San Diego I also studied 2 years at SLU-Madrid before returning to the main campus in Missouri. I have been working to promote Spain already on my campus. I worked with my school in trying to bring King Felipe for our Bicentennial this year (mostly like he will go to our Madrid campus) and I been pushing to create a Spain club or having more Spanish cultural events."


Destiny Thomas-Adams

University: University of North Carolina at Charlotte (NC)
Studies: International Business and Spanish

"I studied abroad for my Fall 2016 semester in the Basque Country, specifically in the city of Bilbao."


Md Fahim F Chowdhury

University: Tuskegee University (AL)
Studies: Electrical Engineering

"Being an international student has its leverage of meeting new culture, new people with great experiences while studying. Spain has a long fascinating history, full of festivals and cultural abundance as well as educational structure. I have never been to Spain and never stopped planning a trip there!"


Mariana Oshana

University: Middlebury College (VT)
Studies: EPolitical Science, Spanish

"I studied abroad in Cordoba from February 2017-June 2017. Within that time period, I visited many other cities with Spain including Madrid, Barcelona, Burgos, Atapuerca, Malaga, Sevilla, etc. My time in Spain has solidified my love for the language and the culture and I sincerely want to go back as soon as possible."


Amya Dumay

University: Stevenson University (MD)
Studies: Business Administration

"I studied in Seville, Spain this past summer for two months. I was able to practice my Spanish with my host family, in my classes, and locals. My program gave me the opportunity to explore multiple places within Seville and other cities in Spain as well. I enjoyed every minute being there."


Sadiyha Malcolm

University: Howard University (WA)
Studies: Sociology and Africana Studies 

"I have never been to Spain, but I've studied Spanish during my years at Howard, and I hope to visit in the near future."


Melisha Garrison

University: East Carolina University (NC)
Studies: Chemestry and Spanish

"I studied in Granada, Spain for a month in the summer of 2015 on a study abroad program at my University. While studying in Granada I also visited Madrid, Nerja, and Malaga. What I love the most about Spain is its rich culture, food and the openness of everyone. "


Emily Escorcia

University: Florida International University (FL)
Studies: Organizational communication

"I visited Spain for the first time in my life this May/June on a study abroad with the college of communication at FIU. I chose Spain in particular because although I had spent time in Europe before, I had never gotten the chance to visit Spain and I was always curious to its cultural differences in contrast with other Spanish speaking countries"


Sandra Ospina

University: Montclair State University (NJ)
Studies: Spanish Literature

"I had the pleasure to visit Spain back in April of the current year, my trip was short but very pleasant, I fell in love with the  culture and the history behind every wall."


Samantha Kucmierowski

University: State university of New York at Cortland (NY)
Studies: Education and Spanish

"Last Spring semester, I studied abroad Salamanca, Spain. I loved that Salamanca was a small enough city that allowed me to become familiar with the places and people that surrounded me. Whether It was the employees at my favorite bakery or the kids I taught, I knew that I was among people that wanted to help me along way and that alone, made Spain feel like home"


Natalie Thomas

University: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (MN)
Studies: Spanish and Physiology

"I visited spain for 13 weeks this past summer and stayed in Toledo, Spain with a host family while studying at the Fundaciòn Ortega y Gasset.  I loved seeing all the different geographical features of the country, such as the mountains in extrremadura and the ocean in Valencia. My favorite part, however, was meeting people that were from Spain and learning about the rich culture of Spain. "


Tegan Hoover

University: Saint Louis University (MO)
Studies: Political Science with concentration in International Affairs and Spanish

"I lived in Granada which is by far the best city, but I might be a little bias. I fell in love with Spain from the first day I landed. The culture is so unique in comparison to The United States and also in comparison with the rest of Europe that makes it a must see country."



Serena J. Foulk

University: Lebanon Valley College (PA)
Studies: Spanish and Biology

"Spending a semester in Spain allowed me to learn the language and more importantly, experience the culture. I fell in love with the amazing scenery, delicious food, and the people who made my experience so enjoyable. Studying in Spain took my knowledge to a whole new level, and gave me memories that will last a lifetime."


Analeigh Horton

University: University of Alabama (AL)
Studies: Applied Linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

"I moved to Madrid, Spain for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship. I taught English at a bilingual high school right off of the Castellana in downtown Madrid. I soaked up all aspects of Spanish culture and really improved my castellano. I strongly encourage you to study abroad!"


Jami Parker

University: University of South Alabama (AL)
Studies: International Marketing and Spanish minor

"I studied abroad in Spain this past Summer for 6 weeks and it was the best time of my life. I'm in love with everything about Spain; including the people, the food, and the culture."


Gabrielle Wojtala

University: Loyola University Chicago (IL)
Studies: Human Resource Management Major, Spanish Minor

"Throughout my time living abroad, I fell in love with the people and culture of Spain.  I look forward to sharing everything Spain has to offer with prospective students!"


Natalia Farfan

University: Florida International University (FL)
Studies: Broadcast Media/ Spanish Language

"I was able to study abroad in Spain for three weeks this past summer where I visited the beautiful cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Córdoba and Sevilla. What I love the most about Spain is the people. The people of Spain carry with them pride and love for their culture, history and traditions like no other.  Also of course, the food is delicious!"


Marianna Luna

University: Georgia Institute of Technology (GA)
Studies: Mechanical Engineering

"I studied at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in the spring  of 2017. I love Spain because it truly is a beautiful and inviting place with its amazing people, culture, history, cities and everything else it has to offer."


Zachary Thomas

University: University of South Alabama (AL)
Studies: Spanish Language & Literature

"I stayed for 6 weeks with a host family that spoke little to no English and earned 9 credit hours at La Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha in Cuenca learning about Spanish language and culture. This study abroad experience opened my eyes to a new culture, allowing me to see beautiful art and taste amazing food that I never would have experienced had I not traveled to Spain!"


Sarah Duffy

University: Western Carolina University (NC)
Studies: SM.Ed. Higher Education Student Affairs

"I participated in two study abroad opportunities in Spain. One, a faculty-led study to Valencia during the summer of 2014, and the other, an entire semester with the program ILYC in Granada during the fall semester 2014. For both of these programs, I lived with a local Spanish-speaking host family."


Brian Peters

University: Messiah College (PA)
Studies: Spanish and History

"I completed a five month study abroad at the University of Granada. I made local friends there that I will have for a lifetime. I have a strong desire to work as a lawyer between the US and Spain."


Hayley Trent

University: Tennessee State University (TN)
Studies: Art and Design

"I've visited Spain this past spring, and I must say it's a very beautiful country. I love how it has a rich history of art and culture, plus the delicious food."


Madeline Stearns

University: University of New Hampshire (NH)
Studies: Hospitality Management/International Affairs

"I spent from January to June, of this year, living and studying in Barcelona. I did I study abroad program through ISA. During this time I went to school and did a great deal of travelling around Europe as well as within the country of Spain. "


Danielle Sargeant

University: Howard University (WA)
Studies: Biology major and Chemistry minor 

"Spring semester of my junior year in college, I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain. While there, I learned about the culture, food, architecture, and people of Spain. I had the best time and grew to love not only the city of Barcelona but Spain as a whole."


Fátima Guitiérrez Jhong

University: Montclair State University (NJ)
Studies: Psychology Major  

"There is a story, there is a land and there is a feeling of pride everyone in Spain shares. I am grateful to everyone who motivated me to reach my goal and study in Spain, and hope many students have the opportunity to experience the world through Spain's eyes."


Hannah Hoagland

University: University of Minnesota Morris (MN)
Studies: Art History and Spanish  

"I studied abroad at the Universidad de Murcia and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. I created a blog Study in España for the purpose of the program and to help other students who want to study in Spain."


Klodiana Kastrati

University: University of Delaware (DE)
Studies: Spanish  

"I studied abroad in Granada, Spain from September 2016-December 2016, and visited once more in April 2017. When studying abroad there, I lived with a host family and was immersed in Spanish culture. Here, I fell in love with all things Spanish - the food, the people, the culture, weddings, everything!"


Ashley Mogler

University: University of South Alabama (AL)
Studies: History major, Spanish minor

"I have visited Spain twice in my life. I love Spain because the culture is amazing and different from anywhere else. The history there is so amazing and interesting to me. I would recommend anyone study there even if your not studying Spanish."


Morgan McLean

University: Stony Brook University (NY)
Studies: Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning

"I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain for the full spring semester of 2017. I fell in love with the country more and more with each city I visited. The liveliness of the people is my favorite part about Spain."


Ilana Queiroz

University: San Diego State University (CA)
Studies: Social Work

"I have lived in Spain for a little bit in 2005. I love it! I play cajon and I love flamenco. I speak Spanish and my daughter was born in Cadiz. My heart lives in Spain."


Jacqueline Fernández Ibarra

University: San Diego State University (CA)
Studies: Spanish major, Mandarin Chinese minor

"I studied abroad in Madrid for the first time during the Spring 2016 semester, it was an wonderful experience and I learned so much about the food, culture, and history of the country. I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad again and returned to Madrid during the Spring 2017 semester."


Puanani Nakamura-Jones

University: University of Hawaii at Hilo (HI)
Studies: Business Economics

"I just came back from my year abroad in Spain, studying at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Initially, my abroad term was supposed to be for a semester only, but, I had enjoyed Spain so much I was able to coordinate with my host university to stay for the year. Spain is such a beautiful country, filled with rich history, architecture and food."


Emily Jacobs

University: Lamar University (TX)
Studies: Spanish

"My study abroad trip to Spain was a trip of a lifetime and life changing. I ventured to Madrid, Sevilla, Granada and Toledo. I came home with a bigger heart, more fluent in the language of my major and with a mouth ready to share my experiences and feet ready for the next adventure."


Nicholas Roberts

University: Purdue University (IN)
Studies: Industrial Engineering

"I had a wonderful experience studying at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and I wanted to shed light on that to others. My outlook on life has changed since I studied abroad and I want to let students know all the benefits that experience can have."


Joanna Hockett

University: Tennessee State University (TN)
Studies: Family and Consumer Sciences major, Fashion Merchandising minor

"I studied abroad in Granada, Spain during my 2016 spring break. Honestly it was the best experience of my life and it has inspired me to study the culture even more. I really loved my experience in Spain and I highly encourage every person I meet to visit."


Gabriella Di Fraia

University: Westfield State University (MA)
Studies: Business major, Spanish minor

"I studied abroad in the International College of Seville. It was the most amazing semester of my life. I learned more about culture and myself than I have learned in my twenty years prior. I lived with an amazing family, traveled to seven different countries, and came home with a completely different perspective on how I want to live my life."


Karina Zuniga

University: Texas A&M University (TX)
Studies: Economics major and Business and Spanish minors 

"I studied abroad in the Spring of 2017 in Sevilla. I studied en la Universidad Pablo de Olavide, stayed in a homestay with a wonderful young family, and got to experience Semana Santa and La feria de abril. Needless to say I loved exploring the different cities of Spain and now I cannot wait for the day I am able to go back and continue my explorations"


Trevon Mitchell

University: University of North Carolina (NC)
Studies: Economics major and Business and Spanish minors 

"I used to live in Santander, Spain and went to La Universidad de Cantabria where I learned a lot about Spain and it's history. I've traveled virtually all over the northern half of Spain through school and personal excursions."


Jordan Poehler

University: Randolph-Macon College (VA)
Studies: Spanish and Psychology

"I have been to Spain twice before. I visited once during high school and I live and studied in Spain for half a year. I like Spain because I love the language, culture, and history."


Valeria Genel 

University: San Diego State University (CA)
Studies: Liberal Studies

"My dream to study abroad in Spain came true this year 2017, as I spent my Spring semester at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Living in Madrid changed my life because I met some of the most unforgettable people from Europe who supported me and helped shaped me into a culturally aware individual with an undying curiosity about the world and its people."


Rosa Mendoza 

University: Pasadena City College (CA)
Studies: Spanish and Criminal Justice

"I  studied abroad in Madrid the last 3 summers and I can say that was the best time of my life. I fell in love with everything about Spain, the people, the food, and the culture. I can wait to return to Madrid . I hope to encourage more students to study abroad in Spain."


Nathaniel Taylor 

University: Texas A&M University (TX)
Studies: International Studies major, Spanish minor

"I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain, during the Spring semester of 2017 at Universidad Pablo de Olavide. After just a few short weeks, I fell in love with Spain--especially the tapas! Some of the best memories of my life were made in Spain, and I would love to return again one day."


Katrina Bell 

University: University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI)
Studies: Psychology, Spanish, and Pre-Medicine

"I studied abroad in Spain for the 2016/2017 academic school year, taking courses at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.I enjoyed Spain because it was a perfect mixture of Old World and New World. I was able to immerse myself in its rich historical culture, while learning the Spanish language in a cosmopolitan city."


Claire Boehm

University: Texas Christian University (TX)
Studies: Communication Studies major, Business and Spanish minors

"I studied abroad during the Spring 2017 semester in Sevilla, Spain! I enjoyed feeling like I was a part of the culture, language, and community through my homestay with an authentic Spanish family. As a result of my time in Spain, I made lasting and special friendships, all the while growing as a person and learning so much more about myself."


Alexa Terry

University: Florida International University (FL)
Studies: Public Relations

"Spain has a special place in my heart, this past summer I had study abroad in the small city of Seville. This was my first time traveling alone to a foreign country and I fell in love with the city, culture, locals and values of everyone. If I had a chance to go back soon I would definitely go."


Timothy Ashe, jr

University: Arizona State University (AZ)
Studies: PhD in Spanish Linguistics

"I studied abroad in Madrid.  I also lived in Zaragoza and love the Spanish culture and language.  I participate in study abroad programs in both Santander and Leon.  I'm very passionate about Spanish film, music, and food and love teaching and learning S


“Congratulations to Joseph Griffin, the new SiS Student Ambassador of the year.  Joseph studies at the University of Illinois and has participated in the 2017-2018 Program.  Throughout the year, Joseph has represented Study in Spain by sharing his experience and helping other students who were interested in studying in Spain.  He organized several events on campus, such as orientation sessions, as well as posting videos about Spain and its culture on social media.

Joseph shared all the content of his Student Ambassador activities on Facebook, creating a big community of people and promoting interest in Study in Spain

2017 SiS Student Ambassador of the Year


Congratulations to Rachel Leake, who studies at Cedarville University , Ohio, and has participated in the Student Ambassador Program 2017. Along the year, Rachel has represented Study in Spain under CU en España. She planned different events on campus, such as orientation sessions or movie nights, as well as on social media, where she shared videos made by her own.

Rachel shared all the content of her Student Ambassador activities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, creating a big community of people who loves Spain and its culture.



Other 2017 SiS Student Ambassadors were:


Chase Harrison

University: St. Petersburg College (Dunedin, FL)
Studies: Sustainability Management Major

Chase C. Harrison


David Duesing

University: Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)
Studies: Master of Public Policy


Anja Matukic

University: Lasell College (Newton, MA)
Studies: Hospitality Management; Event Management & Spanish


Hannah Hoagland

University: University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)
Studies: Art history and Spanish Major

Study in Spain Student Ambassador UMM


Aneet Hundal

University: UC Irvine (Irvine, CA)
Studies: Nursing Major

Aneet Hundal


Faith Van Wyngarden

University: Iowa State University (Ames, IA)
Studies: Spanish and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

Faith Van Wyngarden


Diamond Rich

University: Jackson State University (Jackson, MS)
Studies: Psychology Major



Maria Azpilicueta

University: Lamar University (Beaumont, TX)
Studies: Chemical Engineering Major


Cristina Newell 

University: Brigham Young University (Provo, UT)
Studies: Spanish Translation Major

BYU for Spain

Instagram: byu4spain


Rebecca Henok

University: Northern Virginia Community College (Springfield, VA)
Studies: Biology (Pre-Medicine) Major 


Elena Guirguis

University: Northern Virginia Community College (Springfield, VA)
Studies: Spanish Major


Carlos Caballero

University: Lamar University (Beaumont, TX)
Studies: Mechanical Engineering and Physics Major

Carlos A Caballero


Muhammad  Khan

University: California State University (San Bernardino, CA) 
Studies: Philosophy Major



Petra Leskanich

University: Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO)
Studies: History and Spanish Major


Gabrielle Landry

University: Dillard University (New Orleans, LA)
Studies: Social Work Major


Kelley Griffiths

University: Dillard University (New Orleans, LA)
Studies: Business Administration and International Business Major


Amanda Reid

University: Towson University (Towson, MD)
Studies: Spanish and International Studies Major


Stephen Russell

University: Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN)
Studies: Spanish and Molecular Biology Major

Study in Spain: Student Ambassador Vanderbilt

Website: La vida española


Kathryn Allan

University: Pasadena City College (Pasadena, CA)
Studies: Public Health Policy and Spanish Literature & Culture Major


Balvina Rios

University: UC Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs, CO)
Studies: Spanish and Psychology Major

Study in Spain Student Ambassador UCCS


Rachel Red 

University: Delta State University (Cleveland, MS)
Studies: English Education Major


Meley Gebregziabher

University: Northern Virginia Community College (Springfield, VA )
Studies: Accounting and Marketing Major


Michella Mousaed

University: Mount Saint Mary's University (Los Angeles, CA)
Studies: Business Administration; Management and Marketing Major

Michella Misha Msaed


Xavier Maciel

University: Pomona College (Claremont, CA)
Studies: Economics and History Major


Olivia Lewis

University: Illinois State University (Normal, IL)
Studies: International Business Major, Spanish and Economics Minor


Aausi Prasai

University: Virginia Commonweal University (Richmond, VA)
Studies:Logistics Major

Aayushi Prasai


Andrew Cohen

University: College of Charlestonty (Charleston, SC)
Studies: Spanish Major


Logan Marr

University: Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL)
Studies: Political Science and International Affairs Major


Bailey Brown

University: University of Idaho (Moscow, ID)
Studies: Spanish and Biology Major



Rosa Mendoza

University: Pasadena City College (Pasadena, CA)
Studies: Spanish and Criminal Justice

Rosa Mendoza Student Ambassador of Spain


2015 SiS Student Ambassador of the Year


Congratulations to Kristen Ha, who studies at University of California, Irvine, and has participated in the Student Ambassador Program 2016. Along the year, Kristen has represented Study in Spain on her campus, through different events and social media. She organized a “departure orientation” event for students of her University to help them planning their stay in Spain. Also, she collaborated in the organization of the Spanish pavilion at NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo in Colorado.

In her own words
"The SiS program was an amazing opportunity for me to participate in. My experience as SiS was to encourage students to overstep their boundaries and explore the world outside of their comfort zone. I immensely enjoyed working along with the Spanish government in promoting and sharing the beautiful cultures and customs of Spain to my fellow students. Without this program, I would not have been able to share my love of learning cultures with others and the incredible benefits that come along with being multicultural."


The award ceremony was hosted by the Consul General of Spain in Los Angeles, Mr. Javier Vallaure de Achan, and the University of California, Irvine, on Feb 16, 2017. 





All the 2016 participants at the Program are listed below:

Nichrissha Wiggs

University: Dillard University (New Orleans, LA)
Studies: Psychology Major

Live la Vida Study Spain


Breanna Mital

University: University of Central Oklahoma (Oklahoma, OK)
Studies: Spanish Minor

UCO Study in Spain  i UCO Study in Spain



Kristen Ha

University: University of California Irvine (Irvine, CA)
Studies: Comparative Literature Major

UCI Student Ambassador


Caitlin Schneider

University: Miami University (Oxford, Ohio)
Studies: Speech Pathology Major and Spanish Minor


America Saucedo

University: University of Houston- Downtown (Houston-Downtown, TX)
Studies: Spanish Major & Minor


Thenesoya Martin

University: Harvard University (Harvard Yard, MA)
Studies: G6 Major


Kristina Butler

University: St. Olaf College (Northfield, MN)
Studies: Major ()


Krystal Aguilar

University: Montclair State University (NJ)
Studies: Minor


Bien Tenaya

University: University of Richmond (Richmond, VA)
Studies: Latin American, Latino and Iberian Studies Major


Amanda Reid

University: Towson University (Towson University, MD)
Studies: Spanish Major


Ovidiu Breahna

University: John Carroll University (Brooklyn, Ohio)
Studies: Biology and Spanish Major


John Mundy

University: The Catholic University of America (Washongton, DC)
Studies: Psychology & Hispanic Studies Major


Halle Gilbert

University: University of Idaho (Moscow, ID)
Studies: Spanish Major 


Paige Rinker

University: Rose Hulman Institute of Technology (Terre Haute, IN)
Studies: Mechanical Engineering Major

Paige Rinker Study in Spain


Natalie Palomino

University: University of Richmond (Richmond, VA)
Studies: Latin American Iberian Studies Minor


Merina Johnson

University: University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign, IL)
Studies: Spanish Major


Rosa Mendoza

University: Pasadena City College (Pasadena, CA)
Studies: Spanish Major

2015 SiS Student Ambassador of the Year


Congratulations to Ovidiu Breahna, a Spanish and Biology double major at the John Carroll University, President of HSA (Honors Student Association) and La Hora del Café (Spanish Club). Recipient of the Rene Fabien Scholarship for Study Abroad 2014

In his own words: "I am very honored to have the opportunity to be part of this program. I look forward to working with the Spanish government and to promoting all of the amazing opportunities that the beautiful country of Spain has to offer.  I am confident that this will be an enrichment experience for me as well as for the students who decide to study abroad in this country" (JCU Spring 2015 Newsletter)


The award presentation was hosted by the Ambassador of Spain in the United States, in Washington DC on Jan 21, 2016 with attendance of government representatives and local educational organizations. 



Keep up the good work!

2013-2014 SIS Student Ambassadors Program

Ashley M. Ferrari
Winner of the Student Ambassadors of the Year Award

In her own words: “As a SiS student ambassador, I would first and foremost promote what a great opportunity and experience it is to study in Spain… I recently spent a four month semester in Valladolid and it was the best time of my life! I became immersed in the language, culture, and history of Spain through classes, travels, and friendships that I will never forget. I believe this firsthand experience and exposure will provide me with the insight and understanding it takes to become a great SiS ambassador. Gracias! Thank you!

Academic Achievements
Ferrari received the Arthur L. Peterson Leadership Scholarship, The Donald E Byrne Jr. Award for Undergraduate Research, and the Outstanding Student in Spanish Award at Lebanon Valley College's annual Awards and Recognition Ceremony.

Photo by Tony Powell...
Photo by Tony Powell Young Am

SIS Student Ambassadors Program 2011-2012

Nicole Gifford
“My experience studying abroad was life changing. I immediately fell in love with every single aspect of Spain; the food, the people, the language, and the culture. Upon my return to the US, I cried tears of sadness for having to leave the country I had fallen in love with, and tears of happiness for having had such a wonderful opportunity. Spain taught me so many things about myself, including to relax and enjoy every single moment of life, and to not stress over the little things, "no pasa nada". Little did I know, my journey with Spain and the Spanish language was not yet over.
My experience opened doors to become a SiS student ambassador and then opportunity to continue sharing my passion with my peers. I have truly enjoyed inspiring other students to study in Spain. Since becoming a SiS ambassador I have had the opportunity to see the number of students in Spain increase at my university. I have helped play a part in helping other students realize their dreams of studying abroad and have a life changing experience like I did. Thank you to the SiS program for this wonderful life changing program, and giving me the opportunity to share my passion with others."

Annual Meeting and Student Ambassador Award Presentation

December 18, 2012 - Miami Beach (FL)
This annual event recognizes the Top 10 SiS Student Ambassadors of the Study in Spain program.
Top 10 SiS Student Ambasssadors in 2012 (By alphabetical order):
Kelly Burns - North Carolina State University, Raleigh
Cailtin Cundiff - Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
Diana Donnarumma - University of Miami, Coral Gables
Ashley Ferrari - Lebanon Valley College, Annville
Nicole Gifford - University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond
Diana Gord - Middlebury College, Middlebury
Laura McNamara - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Natalie Roberts -University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Chad Roberts & Lauren Palmer - Marian College, Indianapolis
Luna Unnold-Cofre - Arkansas State University, Jonesboro


2010-2011 SIS Student Ambassadors Program

Diana Gor
I first fell in love with Spain when I went to Cadiz for a week on a school trip. I immediately felt at home because of the welcoming nature of the Andalucians.

I enjoyed to discover new things about the Spanish culture and mentality of its people. They were so friendly and warm and were delighted to share their culture with us. I became consumed by their Mediterranean style and, especially, pace of life.

I decided that I would like to come back at some point and learn further about Spain; and so I decided to learn Spanish.

Learning Spanish opened the door for me to later go on a study abroad program in Madrid and get to know life in central Spain better. Madrid was not any less lively than the south of Spain and my year long stay there was full of great experiences.

This is only the beginning of my senior year and my position as a student ambassador for SIS. I hope that in this time I will successfully help other students to learn about Spanish culture, so in the end they understand where my love and passion towards Spain comes from, and so they have the opportunity to have their own experience there.

I believe that people that get the opportunity to learn about their culture, don’t regret it and most importantly have a great experience.


2009-2010 SIS Student Ambassadors Program

Kenneth Negy
Saludos! My name is Kenneth Negy, and I have had the privilege of being the Study In Spain Student Ambassador of the Academic year 2009-2010, serving at the University of Central Florida in the city of Orlando. It was an absolutely amazing experience to be able to be able to represent the wonderful country of Spain and to serve as a bridge between the two cultures. Not only was I able to help others improve their Spanish, their knowledge of the Spanish culture, and my experiences with traveling, but I was also able to improve my own leadership and Spanish skills, and develop a profound desire to return to Spain.

I hope that all students everywhere take advantage of any study abroad programs that are offered to them, and that their destination of choice will always be the magnificent country of Spain. ¡¡¡ Viva España!!!


Activities 2009 - 2010

Activities 9
Activities 9

2008-2009 SIS Student Ambassador of the year

Kate Bundy
Greetings future Student Ambassadors! My name is Kate Bundy, and I was awarded as Student Ambassador of the Year for 2009-2010. I cannot tell you how rewarding this opportunity was to serve as a liaison between the Spanish Embassy and my fellow student body at Kennesaw State University.
The experience allowed me to develop my interpersonal and professional communication skills in both languages, and to create and collaborate in organizing several campus activities promoting Spanish culture. I also got to celebrate my hard work with other fellow Student Ambassadors in the United States at the annual Study in Spain business meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. By being selected as Student Ambassador of the Year, I enjoyed a free trip to Madrid, Spain to further my cultural knowledge and experience in the motherland!

Not only is being a Student Ambassador rewarding intrinsically, but it is great to show future employers or graduate study institutions that you have worked for the Spanish Embassy as a student promoting intercultural relations. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stand out and help others learn more about opportunities to study or work in Spain through Study in Spain!

Her experience in Spain
Click on the photo to enlarge:

Kate Bundy - Bibliot...
Kate Bundy - Biblioteca Nacional
Kate Bundy - Churros
Kate Bundy - Churros
Kate Bundy - Jamon
Kate Bundy - Jamon
Kate Bundy - Madrid
Kate Bundy - Madrid
Kate Bundy - Mezquit...
Kate Bundy - Mezquita
Kate Bundy - Quijote
Kate Bundy - Quijote
Kate Bundy Powell an...
Kate Bundy Powell and Silva