Melissa George

Melissa George is famous as a champion roller skater, model and actress, but not many are aware of her passion for Hispanic culture. Married in 2000 to Chilean exporter Claudio Dabed, this star of series such as Alias and feature films like The Limey, Derailed and Turistas is enjoying her latest role as Laura in In Treatment while dreaming of returning soon to Buenos Aires.
Q. What are you reading at the moment?
A. Mainly poetry. But not in Spanish. Even though I speak it, my level only takes me so far.
Q. Is there a book you’d like to start with?
A. Anything by Gabriel García Márquez. In my neighborhood they sell a limited edition of his work that I’ve had my eye on.
Q. Where are you living?
A. never my work allows me, in Buenos Aires. I love the city and we fell in love with an apartment that we saw two years ago when we were having coffee.
Q. Why are you so fascinated with Hispanic culture?
A. The language is so romantic. It makes me feel more creative. And particularly Buenos Aires, a city I love for its cafes, the tango, its architecture, the Argentines, that wonderful mixture of Italians and Spaniards.
Q. Is there time to read in that paradise?
A. Of course, in the cafes where I sit and read poetry.
Q. And who is your favorite author?
A. Garcia Marquez. Of course. His work is all over the place and I constantly talked with his son, Rodrigo, about his father while he was directing me in In Treatment.