SiS News - June 2009 - ALA Scholarships for American students of Asturian ancestry in the University of Oviedo. Course 2009-2010

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ALA Scholarships for American students of Asturian ancestry in the University of Oviedo. Course 2009-2010

The University of Oviedo, in northern Spain, will grant 15 scholarships: 10 for travel expenses and 5 for travel and living expenses. The purpose of the call is the concession of financial aid to American students, descendants of immigrants from Asturias, to study a degree at the University of Oviedo, during the academic course 2009-2010 (September 28, 2009 to June 30, 2010).

The stays provide the students with the opportunity to know the culture of their ancestors and to study in a Spanish university system.

There are two kinds of scholarships, with and without grants:

a) Those who obtain the scholarship with grant will receive the corresponding financial aid and will be exempted from paying the regular tuition for the registration in the University of Oviedo.

b) Those who obtain the scholarship without grant will have to pay the regular tuition for registration in the University of Oviedo.

General requirements for participation:

a) Be a descendant of Asturian immigrants pursuing studies at an American institution of higher education

b) Be over the age of 18 and under 30 at the date of notice posting.

c) Not have been a scholarship recipient in previous enrollments.

d) Exceptionally, students may participate without being enrolled in an institution attached to the program.

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